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I was a very nervous about all of this and concidered our project difficult, to say the least. Cerebrum, was very easy to work with and made it all seem simple, they are very dedicated to their work a...
Cerebrum truly surpassed my expectations, especially as far as responsiveness is concerned. My Web site's color style significantly departed from the colorful and graphically rich style they were used to. My site was simple, scaled down, and elegant instead of rich and colorful (both styles are great for different needs, but my site needed elegant simplicity). Aslam met the challenge with flying colors. Several times I pointed out things that needed to be changed, and they got back to me very quickly and specifically addressed my concerns. They kept at it throughout subsequent changes until I was satisfied, and asked me frequently if I was satisfied with their service. This frequent communication and rapid response was what made the difference with me. I have never worked with a designer that put so much energy into satisfying my concerns so quickly. I highly recommend Aslam for anyone seeking Web design services.


Unbelievable, I am so pleased I want to jump up and down. As a business person with many projects going on this one went so smooth, Fantastic, they were so efficient and ready to please. If only more businesses were so quick to please and get things done as they were we would all have a easier ,trusting way to do business.

Asad, their senior project coordinator may be the hardest working man on the planet. In 10 days, on most of which Asad spent working 16 hours, I went from taking information to having a fully functional, absolutely gorgeous graphics-rich 8-page website. Asad had the best portfolio, the best reviews, and the best price. And he came up with suggestions for additional pages that I had never thought of. This site is for my new consulting business, and I couldn't be happier.

Andew Aarnold
Arnold Business Consulting, Inc.

Cerebrum was great to work with. This was our first web site and he came up with great ideas on what we were needing. The site looks professional, but yet has light graphics that catch the eye. They were extremely patient with us, when we would want to change things as we went along. And the response time back was excellent. We were extremely pleased with the design and service Cerebrum provided to us. Hope that we can work together on other future projects. Jim

I was a very nervous about all of this and concidered our project difficult, to say the least. Cerebrum, was very easy to work with and made it all seem simple, they are very dedicated to their work and got everything done quickly and far above and beyond what I had expected! Thanks Cerebrum! You guys took a nightmare and turned it into a pleasure, I would recommend you to all!
I highly recommend Cerebrumtech for web design. Not only is the quality of their work exceptional, but also the customer service far surpasses any that I have dealt with in the past. This is a new experience for me and I am a young company that needed a lot of direction. Cerebrumtech gave me exactly what I asked for with promptness and efficiency. I will definitely use them again and pass on my wonderful experience to others. Thank you! Miesa Aguilera Scents and Scents Ability.


They won't stop until client is completely satisfied! Highly recommended.

Cerebrum was determined to deliver a perfect project and insisted on all the details meeting and exceeding my expectations. I even offered to conclude the project with payment in full and continue on my own when it became more than we had contracted for but Mazhar was determined to over-deliver and that he did.
Once again Cerebrum Technologies and notably their principal Salman has surpassed my partners and I expectations. We have grown comfortable with their system and ways of doing things. I continue to give my unequivocal recommendation of Cerebrum to anyone considering customized application development projects. Michael D Montoya, CEO Blue Media Networks Inc.

Michael D Montoya,
CEO Blue Media Networks Inc.

Absolutely stellar service. Emails answered almost immediately! CT was professional yet flexible and I believe that I received the best deal on the net! Unbelievable service for the price! I will be using CT for a number of future projects!!!

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