Cerebrum Technologies, Launches it's state of the art BPO and Call Center Unit in Asia...

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Like always, Cerebrum seeks the best talent of the web development and BPO industry, join our team by clicking on the Jobs tab above, there are 30+ job openings immediately.
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This group is simply phenomenal! Awesome job! Not only did cerebrum deliver over and above specifications, they tirelessly worked with clients to provide satisfaction by exemplary professionalism in s...
  Cerebrum Technologies is a full-service visual identity development firm specializing in the creation of high-quality on-line presences. Cerebrum Technologies is more than a design firm because they integrate unique creative talent with state-of-the-art technology delivered by the best creative design and programming talents in the industry. Cerebrum Technologies delivers the best internet media available.

The goal of Cerebrum Technologies is to habitually exceed your expectations. Because Cerebrum Technologies gives you more than you ask for at an affordable price, they are clearly the best choice in the industry.
Clients may choose from a broad variety of comprehensive solutions that meet their needs within their budget.

Cerebrum Technologies has expanded it's operations from a web development firm to software development, search engine optimization and now Business process outsourcing and Call Center with it's recent launch of it's state of the art call center, doing inbound and outbound projects. Because BPO is a vast field we have developed a site dedicated to our BPO services with all the bells and whistles attached!
Please Vist HERE. www.cerebrumbop.com

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